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Finnish Adult Entertainment Entrepreneurs’ Association

Finnish Adult Entertainment Entrepreneurs’ Association is an interest group founded in 2008.

The purpose of the association is to advance and supervise the interests and rights of entrepreneurs in the sector of adult entertainment. The association promotes cooperation between members and improves the general operating conditions in the field. In order to achieve its purpose, the association monitors economic developments and new legislation, makes proposals and issues opinions on matters related to the adult entertainment industry.

The association guides and advises its members in matters related to their profession by organizing meetings, counseling sessions and training, as well as preparing the necessary reports.

We represent all Finnish companies in the sector, as well as foreign companies marketing their products in Finland.

Members, responsibilities and benefits

The association is based on volunteer work. Being a member does not obligate you to doing anything, and no one will be forced to do any tasks. The only membership obligation is the membership fee.

As a member, you get the latest information – how to prepare for and influence legislation changes, as well as any other activities of the association. As we receive new information – any noteworthy news from the industry – it is shared with members. In member meetings, we meet and discuss freely.

Members have the right to use the “Responsible Adult Entertainment Trader – a member of the Finnish Adult Entertainment Entrepreneurs’ Association” badges, like stickers, in your store.

As a member, you can have your voice heard at annual meetings and other member gatherings. If you wish, you can also run for a board or even a chairman position.

The strength of the association is in the diverse skill set of its members. The more members the association has, the stronger the ”cocktail” of knowledge and influence we have for all of us to enjoy.

Becoming a member

The annual membership fee for 2021 is 50.00 euros. There’s an additional fee of 50.00 euros for new members. You can join the association by paying the membership fee to the IBAN account and by providing your contact info in the payment description field.

Recipient: Finnish Adult Entertainment Entrepreneurs’ Association

Osuuspankki (IBAN bank account): FI19 5780 5520 0200 11
Amount: 50.00 euros (or membership fee + membership fee total 100.00 euros.)

Enter your company name and your own name in the message field.

Please note that the membership fee is tax deductible.